Gillette Tamer Tartan


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The Gillette Tartan is an iconic model of this winter collection where our proposal is to continue with the line of symmetry mixed with rock and some grunge. This design is to be used as you want and whenever you want, you can dare with a more risky look and combine it with the Tartan skirt or with our Candelaria jeans and have a more classic look for every day. Fitted to the body, with bust dart, watch pocket and asymmetrical cut. On the back it is made of black sargaline and a ribbon that is tied to your liking.

Technical characteristics

Available at:

T.U. adaptable for Size 0 and Size 1

Find it in: Tartan / Scottish

Fit: To the body / Relaxed


2% wool and 98% polyester

Care: Machine wash delicate program, 30 degrees or cold water.

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