Karyn Coo

We are inspired by the simple and everyday with a focus on unique and timeless design.

Karyn Coo is a Chilean brand with 10 years of work focused on creating classic pieces that have permanence over time. With the production of two collections a year, we distance ourselves from "disposable fashion", developing timeless pieces that last several seasons.

95% of our pieces are produced locally, we know the people who make our garments and we care that they receive a fair payment for their work.

During these 10 years of experience we have We have been minimizing the environmental impact of our work to the maximum, preferring the use of ecological and reusable materials, not only in the final delivery of our products, but throughout our production chain.

We will continue working so that in the coming years our designs have the least possible impact on the ecosystem and continue to accompany you in your day-to-day life for several years.