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Hecho en Chile


ORIGIN: Neira, Tapias region

FINCA: The balcony of the mountain

VARIETY: Caturra and castle

PROCESS: Washing

HEIGHT: 1,300-1,700 masl



Orange, panela, bright citric acidity, prolonged residual, creamy body





SERVICE: 1 capsule - 5 grams


NET CONTENT: 55 grams

The coffee used in this unique collaboration is a Colombian Coffee from Finca El Balcón de la Montaña located in the Tapias River Canyon region, municipality of Neira, Caldas. The farm is run by Mr. Mauricio Duque together with his family, who have a long coffee tradition in the cultivation of specialty coffees. Together with the Duque Vázquez family we have been working together for more than 5 years who have transmitted all their experience and vision to achieve the best flavor of their coffee with a roast that highlights all its characteristics of the farmland. This coffee takes the name Laderas del tapias from the tapias river that rises at 3,500 meters in that region, which is made up of mountains in the form of slopes that are crossed by the river that feeds the entire region.

The coffee presents notes of caramel, chocolate and sweet notes, delicate citric acidity and great body. Ideal for nespresso (capsules) Ideal for filter methods and expresso (grain).

Store in a cool, dry place.

We compost your capsules with sr compost, look for recycling points at @sr_compost

Container made with PLA

We ship coffee to every corner of Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas.

Average delivery time, will depend on the shipping region.

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